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Professional Security aimed at the organizational Sports Activities.
The reform of the Companies Act 2003, the new Concursa'l Law, the Law of Transparency and the Code of Good Governance means greater vigilance on the decisions of managers and directors of companies, and represents increase in... [+]
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Insurance for homes, commerce, communities ...

Insurance cover for businesses, communities (blocks of flats, houses or offices) y hombres, owned or rented with a wide range of covers and a maximum flexibility regarding contracts.

An insurance cover for a business ensures that activity is not interrupted due to unforesseen cincumstances.

In your house is within a community or houseowners you must bear in mind the importance of being protected to avoid risk which could affect your home and the financial stability of your family.

A home indurance policy must cover risks und Unforeseen incidentes y garantizar su seguridad so you can enjoy your home and relax.
List of different insurance products in combination:
• Trade
• Communities
• Home
• Hotels
Combined for PYME
Combined for Industrial Risks
Any risk of Construction and Ten
Legal Defense etc ...

Guarantees are covered:

Fire, water damage, extensive damage, glass, burglary and theft, loss of profits, electrical damage, machinery breakdown, cosmetic damage, damage to computers, refrigerated goods, liability, etc ...
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